Violet Rainwater - The Rainmaker

Violet Rainwater is an entertaining, thought provoking, and results-oriented speaker who brings a raw message and innovative tools to corporate audiences that increase sales and promote the well-being of sales professionals.




          Discover The Power Behind Desire in Women   

          Discover The Power Behind Desire in Women


Getting To YES: 3 Universal Principles When Selling to Women

Tone: Empowering, Insightful and Educational

Audience: Corporations, Small Business Owners, Sales Teams, Sales Executives

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care. And yet, many companies still use the traditional male-centered sales model which is not only ineffective in the growing market of female consumers, but also zaps time and energy from your sales team.
In this revolutionary presentation, Violet shares why using this outdated model negatively affects your company’s bottom line and creates massive missed opportunities in this growing market. Showing your team how to tune in to a woman’s desires and understand what makes her say YES will set your sales team and company apart from the competition.

Your team will walk away with: 
•    An innovative system in selling to women that increases sales and fosters a lasting relationship with your clients
•    Effective tools in connecting with and converting female prospects
•    A fresh approach that serves your market and supports the well-being of your sales team

              The Power of Keeping It Live on Channel 5!

              The Power of Keeping It Live on Channel 5!

The Rainmaker Way: 3 Simple Steps To Double Your Close Rate

Tone: Inspirational, Educational and Entertaining

Audience: Sales Teams, Sales Professionals, Sales Executives, Business Development  

Forget everything you have ever learned about sales and get ready to make it rain!
The old school sales tactics cause unnecessary stress, leaves a bad impression on your prospects, and lowers close rates.  In this high energy presentation, Violet Rainwater offers a fresh approach on how to connect profoundly with prospects through Connection-Based Selling.  This is all about YOU as a sales professional and how you show up in the game of sales. When you operate on your highest level (what Violet calls Channel 5), you easily connect with and close business without stress, anxiety or burnout.
You and your team will walk away with: 
•    A radical new outlook on what it means to be successful in sales
•    A variety of innovative methods to increase the energy of every sales exchange
•    3 inventive ways to create an authentic connection with your prospects that leaves them wanting more •    A renewed passion for the sales process that excites and motivates you and your sales team


Refresh, Refuel and Renergize for Optimal Performance

Refresh, Refuel and Renergize for Optimal Performance

High Achieving Women and Burnout: 3 Toxic Beliefs to Ditch to Set You and Your Business Free

Tone- Inspirational and Informative

Audience- Professional Women

In this eye opening, fun-filled and informative presentation, Violet Rainwater shares how early programming shows up in the workplace and keeps so many women in a constant state of stress and burnout. A blend of psychology, science and laugh-out-loud fun, your team will walk away with valuable tools that promote well-being, increase efficiency, and drive results.   





Sample List of Past Speaking Engagements

  • Jackson National Life Insurance
  • Paychex Inc
  • Dermalogica
  • US Bancorp
  • Monster
  • Bysis
  • Allstate
  • Atlas Securities

What People Are Saying:

"Engaging. Passionate. Dynamic. These are just a few words to describe the presence of Violet Rainwater as a speaker on stage. I had first met her during a conference I organized a few years ago. Messages delivered on-stage has the power to be conveyed more effectively and powerfully if the speaker has true presence and if a clear positive energy is felt from them. Violet possesses these traits naturally and effortlessly. She has an authentic way of connecting to the audience that truly drives the content of her speech to one of insight, inspiration, and motivation."

Hilde Baumann, Communications Coordinator, EDF Renewable Energy

"Violet spoke to my CEO round table group and brought great energy, insight and direction to the leaders at the table. She understands stress and the benefits of managing triggers, our own bodies and the mind to achieve best results. I recommend that you bring her in to speak to any group that wants to take charge of their health and well being to leverage better outcomes. It's always an inside out job! Thank you Violet."

Michele Jewett, Chair, Vistage International

“Spend five minutes with Violet and you will immediately start seeing the world in a different light. Her unique style will captivate your audience whether they are your employees, sales people, or partners. She customizes her message to fit your organization's needs and offers techniques to achieve immediate results. Her positive message is based on scientific evidences and delivered in a simple, colorful and very absorbable manner. If you are looking for a keynote speaker or a motivational workshop I would highly recommend her services.”

Mercedes Oz, Demand Generation Marketing Consultant

"I had the privilege of working with Violet when she was brought in to help with our sales process. Sales has always been a scary, off-putting thing to me so I was definitely skeptical about the "process" part. All I can say is WOW. I am so impressed by the way she works with her clients and just how quickly my mindset shifted from one of "I'm just not a salesperson" to loving sales and every step of the process as a result of working with her. I'm so grateful for what she's done not just for my team, but for the impact she's had on our company as a whole and the members we serve. We all win!"

Sara Bacerra, Hera Hub Director

"I'm elated to report that sales have doubled! Violet is The Rainmaker!"

Felena Hanson, Founder Hera Hub

"Violet's presentation was the right one at just the right time. The pressure of the financial market was causing a crisis of belief with our advisors. The importance of connecting with positive people is critical. There is not enough financial data available to "convince" people to stay the course. You need to believe at your very core that what you are doing is beneficial. You cannot help your clients unless you first help yourself."                                                      

Gregory K. Hernandez, Vice President, US Bancorp Investment     

“Violet came to the Irvine Training Center to give business and personal inspiration to our students. She shared sensible advice specifically focused on women business owners. The information she gave guided their hearts and minds to connect their strength into their professional strength. Violet has a natural ability to be relatable with a sense of humor in her speeches that allows for audience connection to her material. By the end of the event the students were excited and inspired to implement new ideas. The positive impression she made was clearly visible and  long-lasting.”

Allison Marks, Manager, Dermalogica

"Violet was able to take the group on a mini get-away that brought positive energy back into the office. I can't think of a better time for this type of workshop to be used."

Candice Haines, Regional Desk Manager, Jackson National Life

“Not only did Violet help me but her ability to understand human behavior has given me a new way of connecting in my professional career.”

Christine DiDonato, Director of Training, Five Point Capital

“The feedback I received was AMAZING! Emails, calls, thanking me and telling me how much of an impact Violet's presentation made on them.”

Cynthia Matalucci, Founder and Host of The Pulse

“Today we brought Violet, into a group of sales people that are constantly hearing about numbers, about "no's", about "how difficult" it is in our society. These people left here after an hour and a half feeling rejuvenated, their belief systems were opened up, they felt hopeful, they had laughter, and left here feeling a sense of opportunity and a plan for empowered action. This was a fantastic session for our team. This was much bigger than a sales training; it was a life changing experience for so many.”          

  Mike Whelan District Sales Manager San Diego